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Hello all,

I am a pre-service teacher getting ready to begin my student teaching. I am interested in gaining information/ideas/thoughts on biology activities in the classroom but that are also aligned cross-curricularly with subjects such as engineering, English, or math. Does anyone have any good ideas or activities that are fun and engaging for the students? Are there any helpful resources, specifically?


Thank you,

Brooke Klostermann

Brooke Klostermann
Brooke Klostermann
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Hi Brooke,

I would recommend checking out the "Classroom Resources" on the NGSS@NSTA Hub - you can narrow down your search by grade level and subject and view the "Vetted" or "Community" resources. You can find these at the link below:

Does anyone else have any specific classroom resources to share?


Megan Doty
Megan Doty
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I've found some good lessons in these resources. I think many are free w NSTA membership:

NSTA Journals and Publications:
Science and Children ~ Elementary
Science Scope ~ Middle School/Junior High
The Science Teacher ~ High School
Journal of College Science Teaching
Connected Science Learning: Linking In-School And Out-Of-School Stem Learning
Garden Genetics: Teaching With Edible Plants.
Rice, E., Krasny, M., Smith, M. 2006, NSTA Press. A National Science Teachers Association Book (NSTA), some activities also suited for middle school. Seeds can be purchased on Amazon.
Scientific Augmentation in Biology: 30 Classroom Activities
Sampson, V., Schleigh, S. 2012, NSTA Press. A National Science Teachers Association Book
Middle School and High School

Susan Lenz
Susan Lenz
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