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I am starting this discussion to find out how each teacher addresses students with special needs. I am attaching my list of resources, mostly from the LC articles, to get the ball rolling. How do you address these students needs in a diverse classroom?

Adah Stock
Adah Stock
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This is an excellent topic for discussion, Adah. Thank you for starting a discussion thread. I have a collection that I created with articles from the NSTA Learning Center that I will share here: Making Science Accessible - Special Needs Students.

There are a couple of other discussion threads in this forum with similar resources that might be of interest to thread participants here. One is titled, "Differentiated Science Instruction" that has some good ideas to read about.

The other is: The Inclusive Classroom
I hope we will be able to share differentiation strategies that have been helpful with our special needs students here.

Carolyn Mohr
Carolyn Mohr
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>Adah, what a nice list of resources, I printed it up to share with the ELL and some of the special needs teachers in my building, in case they wanted to review any of those articles to recommend to regular ed teachers! There are also several member collections with lists of materials for both students with learning needs and ELL students in the Learning Center (I have been working on one but it needs tweeking, and I know I saw several others that looked interesting). >Carolyn, those are great suggestions too! The first thing I thought of when I saw this topic was that when I began co-teaching we sat down together and looked at ways to address each "theme" or set of concepts in as many different ways as we could - we were looking at diverse teaching methods before it became a vogue word! I also have some of the easier labs and diverse assignments set up pass/fail for points equal to quizzes so that any student who feels uncomfortable testing in science can show what they know and how well they know it through alternative assessments (practical quizzes/labs, small group activities, puzzles). Quizzes and tests are, of course, necessary too, if I am going to teach them how to prepare for graduation exams, but they are more than offset with other types of alternative summative and formative assessments. I am glad to see this discussion! I look forward to more ideas I can use from other teachers of inclusive and co-taught classes.

Tina Harris
Tina Harris
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Great topic Adah and Tina, If you have the technology in your classrooms or students have access to laptops you might find this free software program called SCIENCE WRITER from CAST with students who need structured help in writing science reports. This might benefit your ELL students too. Need to sign in ( free) to access this online tool and there is a 1.5 minute video tour of Science Writer components;jsessionid=0726788E540EE96FD3930BB2FF522214 Best, Arlene

Arlene Jurewicz-Leighton
Arlene Jurewicz Leighton
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