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Change in shadows during day

I am a preservice teacher creating a 5th grade earth/space science lesson. The concept I am trying to teach is how shadows change throughout the day due to the apparent movement of the sun (Ohio Standard 5.ESS.3). Does anyone have a good lesson idea for this topic? I am looking for an inquiry based lesson. Any ideas are welcomed. Thanks so much.

Natalie Anderson
Natalie Anderson
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You could have the students observe a post in the ground. Have the students return to the location throughout the day to see how the shadow moves throughout the day. This could also be done with a sundial and have them link their knowledge of time with their knowledge of the sun and shadows.

Lily Albertson
Lily Albertson
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Hi Natalie, this is a very interesting topic and i wish i was taught this as a 5th grader. For starters shadows are something the children see almost everyday in life. This is the type of topic that can be incorporated with at home activities. The car ride home, after school, their house. For school i would bring the kids outside 3 times out of the day. Let them see the way the shaddow changes throughtout the day. I will also send an assignment home for the children to check out their shaddow right before the sun goes down. I would also make them write a summary on why they think the shaddows differ throughout the day, and during a class discussion i will give them a time and ask them what they think their shaddow would look like at that time. Good luck hope this works out. 

Brittani Coutard
Brittani Coutard
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I teach for different blocks for science. This is where I Struggle is how do I take different classes out at different times?

Amanda Robin
amanda robin
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