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Science Field Trips in Houston, Texas

I am currently a pre-service elementary teacher in Houston, Texas. I was wondering if there are any ideas on where I could possibly take my future class to explore science. I have been to the Natural Science Museum a lot. This is a great place for discovering different topics because that particular museum is always changing and bringing new exhibits. For example, there is a butterfly discovery section on the museum that ties into the life cycle of a butterfly. The students can see the different stages a butterfly goes through. What are some other great ideas in exploring science on a field trip? Also, I am interested in aligning the places with lesson objectives/topics. Thank you in advance for the ideas!

Jennifer Gaw
Jennifer Gaw
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Hi Jennifer! Have you thought about the Space Center Houston? I've been a couple of times and they have a lot of things that elementary kids would enjoy! Lots of interactive exhibits. I think they align with the Texas standards as well as NGSS. I'm sure they have an educational resource person who would be happy to help.



James Johnson
James Johnson
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The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center was pretty cool. They started out with a presentation and then we did a nature walk, plus some other activities. They lined everything to 4.9/10. Plus it was a full day trip! I will also say it was nice because it was just our grade there, so the kids weren’t “fighting” for activities or trying to see things like you might experience at other places.

Destiny Huggins
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I am first semester student teacher and these are all great ideas. I will make a note of these for my future class. Thank you for the links. These are all great resources to keep in mind.

Adrene Henninger
Adrene Henninger
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