I was never a fan of science throughout my school years, I always thought it was boring and didn't really feel enthusiastic about the class up until now that I am taking a class on how to teach science. I love teaching science now, but I still have some trouble coming up with engaging ideas and activities for the students. Are there any tips and tricks on how to find the perfect activity for a fun and engaging lesson? 

Vianey Lara
Vianey Lara
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I'm very intrigued by your post. It's interesting that you said you thought science was boring as a student and now, as a teacher that you love teaching science! What changed? When teachers are excited and passionate about a subject, it makes the subject exciting for the students. My tip is to try an experiment before you do it with students to make sure you have everything your students will need, and especially to be prepared for any pitfalls that might happen. Keep safety as your number one concern. Here is a link to lessons that are aligned with the NGSS and vetted by NSTA. Just know that you might lose track of time while you immerse yourself! I've included two other links you might find helpful. http://ngss.nsta.org/Classroom-Resources.aspx

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