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In search of: Easy to use alligator clip wires

Hi all, This is my first post here at NSTA because I have a very specific problem and I'm not sure where to look! I am currently working with a few young children (less than 10) on circuits. As part of this, I bought science kits through from here: These are very simple circuitry kits that have wires with alligator clips for easy connecting/disconnecting. However, I've consistently found that kids this young have a LOT of trouble working these clips: They're too small and stiff. This has become a huge source of frustration, and I'm looking for a place to buy different/better alligator clip wires. I've visited a few hardware stores, but none have wires like this in stock - they seem to be more of an educational tool than a serious piece of equipment. Can anyone suggest a good place to look for something like this?

Nico Adams
Nico Adams
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Have you tried sliding the vinyl covers down the wire - off the clip? This makes it much easier for anyone to attach the alligator clip to something. Having the metal exposed you just have to be more careful about making contact with something you do not intend to.

Cris DeWolf
Cris DeWolf
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A product line called Squishy Circuits uses flat leads to insert into a play dough to create a circuit in addition to standard alligator clips. 

Peggy Ashbrook
Margaret Ashbrook
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