What is a fun way to get my studnets more involved with my lesson about caves? we create a cave with play-doh, but is there any other way to make it more exciting? 

Kate-Lynn Brown
Kate-Lynn Brown
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What grade do you teach? 

The Caves Live website has an abundance of materials you could check out.


and AGI's Earth Science Week site has a resource geared to 3-ESS2-2 called Caves Guide


Cris DeWolf
Cris DeWolf
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Yes, depending on the grade, it’s always fun and memorable when students can act out scenarios, in this case being in a cave, let them know they are scientists or give them a responsibility or reasoning for being in the cave . Students can use their imagination with the teacher’s guidance and create a new world in a cave. This can involve:

·         Questions about caves

·         Have them Observe what they might find in caves

·         Create some fun facts about caves that will excite them


Miranda Foster
Miranda Foster
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