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Since his early childhood in Winnipeg, Canada, Gabe has loved the natural world and has dedicated his life to studying science. Recently retired after 27 years teaching high school and middle school biology, physics, chemistry, robotics and computers – Gabe always worked to infuse fun in his classrooms. He has also helped draft the Manitoba biology curriculum, stood in as the science consultant for Manitoba Ministry of Education, been heavily involved in professional development of science teachers and has received the Prime Minister’s Award for Achievement in Teaching. Currently, Gabe is the District Director of the NSTA for Canada. Living at the doorstep to the north, Gabe has also taken several opportunities to visit the impressive beauty of the Canadian arctic along the shores of Hudson Bay.




Retired from Seven Oaks School Division

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Tue Dec 24, 2019 1:27 AM in Social Media and Teaching
Hello Hannah, There may be slight variations in confidentiality policies between school districts but, in general, we all need to follow federal and state statues on privacy. In short, people outside your classroom should not be able to identify your students in pictures or words and should not have communication access to individual students. With respect to using social media in your clas...

Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:51 AM in How to reintroduce lessons after a break
Hello Lisa, Interruptions are the norm, not the exception in education! How you deal with interruptions will ultimately depend on several factors – the timing in your lesson plan, the complexity of the topic, number of students absent and even day of the week will all influence your judgement. You should anticipate interruptions during the times of year you’re likely to encounter them.  ...

Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:35 AM in Time to Spend on Misconceptions
Hello Romeel, My answer is, “It depends!” As you progress in your career you will likely amass a library of common and not-so-common misconceptions. My biggest advice is to always address them or they may spread amongst your students.  There are many ways to handle misconceptions that arise as you’re teaching science.  I caution against scoffing or ridiculing some outlandish claims.  It mig...

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Mon May 28, 2018 8:02 AM
4 Excellent resource for STEM and engineering
I have been using this podcast for years in my design process and STEM workshops for teachers! It expertly and clearly goes through the engineering design process, explaining each step. I use this as an introduction and have even copied their use of symbols for each step to create handouts to students as they go through the steps (see my collections). If I could have put 4.5 stars I would have. My only hesitation in giving it a 5/5 is that the sound is muffled and the video quality is medium resolution - making it a bit tough to use in a group setting. All in all, a fantastic resource that I have come to rely on heavily in my pd workshops.

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High-Altitude Balloon Projects - Easier and more exciting than you think!

12 Resources

Start a space program in your school! A collection of slide presentations, handouts, videos on how students can design, build and launch science experiments over 30 km into the atmosphere (three times higher than commercial jets) using weather balloons .

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Type: User uploaded resource

Slime Sampler from Molly Conway's book: "Slime Sorcery"

8 Resources

Molly Conway authored a book that highlighted many variations on slime and she sent me some sample pages. The book has 97 recipes!

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Pop Bottle Ecosystems

7 Resources

Here are some handouts, rubrics, worksheets and an sample student journal for doing pop bottle ecosystems in your classroom. Suitable for grades 4 through 12

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