Lindsey Huynh

Hi, my name is Lindsey Huynh! My last name is pronounced the same as Nguyen just spelled differently. I was born and raised in Alief Houston, where I attended school there until I moved to Katy before my 7th grade. I stayed in Katy and graduated from Seven Lakes High School in 2013. I then got my Associate’s degree at Houston Community College and transferred to the University of Houston right after. I am now currently working on getting my Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies with an EC-6 Generalist Teaching Certification by December 2018. My future plan is to run a daycare and tutoring center but, I would like to teach for a few years right after I graduate before I start it up. I really enjoy and want to work with younger kids because it is so exciting when they accomplish little things like rolling over, eating with a spoon, say their first actual word, or writing their name for the first time! I also feel like they can brighten your day with just a smile or running u

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Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:16 PM in Basic Animal Needs- Activities
Hi, I'm student teaching in Kindergarten and my plan for basic needs of animals is to have a class pet. In my classroom, my mentor teacher thought having a real animal for a pet wouldn't be the best idea for Kindergarten. So, we're going to have a toy stuff animal and pretend it was real. Every day, different students will get a different responsibility to care for it. I think this would be a grea...

Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:08 PM in Earth and Sky
Hi, I recently taught my Kindergarten students about the sun and moon phases. They didn't need to know about rotation but, I believe you can still use my ideas to help your students better understand it. The materials I used were 3 different sized balls and a flashlight. I asked two volunteers to each hold a ball. The largest ball represented the sun, and the medium-sized ball represented Earth. T...

Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:14 AM in Needs of plants and animals
Hi, I'm a student teacher in Kindergarten! My plan for basic needs of a plant is having my students grow their own plant. I'm also planning on showing them an interactive activity that they can play before they grow their plant. This will ensure that their plant grows to its full potential. Here is the link to the interactive activity: