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My name is Corrie Armstrong and I am in the multiple subject credential program at SDSU. I attended University of California Irvine and received my BA in Psychology and Social Behavior and a minor in education. I'm so excited to become a teacher, I love working with kids!




San Diego State University

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Thu May 08, 2014 2:09 PM in How do you take science home?
Something that would be good for students would be to keep a moon journal, and you can have students track how the moon looks every night. This is a good way for students to observe and partake in science every day. This activity would be for older students, probably 4th and up.

Thu May 08, 2014 1:43 PM in Managing Potentially Dangerous Behavior
While subbing in a first grade classroom, I had students playing with scissors too. It's pretty scary when you see little ones throwing scissors across the room. What I did was immediately change their cards to yellow because they have already learned to not play with scissors. If the children are on yellow by the end of the day, they get a note home and their parents have to sign the note. This w...

Thu May 08, 2014 1:33 PM in Seating Charts
Also, if you have any English Learners make sure you place them next to someone they feel comfortable with or someone who speaks their native language. It is important for these students to feel comfortable in the classroom and have someone close to them that they can talk to!

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