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My name is Carili Rubiera. I am an Elementary Education Major at Florida International University.

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Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:50 PM in Teaching Controversial Topics in Science
Hello! My sister has taught about evolution many times and she found that the best solution to this is to hold a classroom debate on evolution vs. creation! I have seen these lessons first hand and this gets the students very interested and involved! You are teaching them about the process of evolution but you are still giving them a chance to express their personal opinions in a safe and professi...

Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:44 PM in 1st Grade Activities
Hello Danielle! There are a lot of fun science activities for first graders that are also inquiry activities! A really popular activity deals with the life cycle of a butterfly, though this would take a few classes to complete. This activity should be done prior to teaching about the life cycle of a butterfly so that students can try to use their observations to learn about it first. The investiga...

Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:12 PM in Teaching Science Vocabulary
Commenting from the Webinar!

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Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:03 PM
5 Excellent Collection!
The collection you created for a lesson on plants is amazing! I love the sources you chose, as they were both insightful and easy to understand. My favorite part of your collection is the one titled "Second-grade soil scientists". This article was especially good because it showed different assessment strategies that you can use after the students participate in the investigation. I also like that you found a children's book for the lesson! I think it is a great idea to incorporate reading into science! The book can also be used as an engage activity for your inquiry lesson! Overall, I give this collection a 5/5 stars, as I feel it will be very helpful for you and anyone that will be creating an inquiry lesson on plants. I would definitely show this collection to my peers and use it myself in the future!

Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:28 PM
5 Collection Review.
The collection that I decided to review is called the “Basic Needs of Animals Collection” by Haley Maxwell. This collection had a large variety of different resources ranging from book chapters to journal articles regarding the basic needs of animals. What I like the most about the collection is that it includes very good short and sweet articles such as “Do They Need Air?” that provides information such as standards, curricular considerations, and suggestions for instruction and assessment. Aside from having short and sweet articles in her collection, Haley also had long detailed 5E lesson plans as well. This is especially helpful because it provides teachers with different inquiry lesson ideas regarding the basic needs of animals. Another thing that makes Haley’s collection so good is that she incorporated the use of technology into it. One of her article called “Exploring Animals Glossopedia Style” teaches the basic needs of animals while also developing technology skills. All in all, Haley’s collection was great and I am happy that I got to review it because I got to read some very useful resources that will help me with my furure classroom.

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FA #2- SCE 4311- Erosion

6 Resources

This collection has sources to help with a lesson on erosion

Earth Science Erosion Unit - Day 1
Type: Lesson Plan

Science Shorts: Going Through Changes
Type: Journal Article

FA #2- SCE 4311- Erosion

This collection has various resources that will assist me in creating a lesson on Erosion.

My FA#2- Biomes

6 Resources


Biome Is Where the Art Is
Type: Journal Article

What Happens When An Environment Changes?
Type: Journal Article