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I am currently in the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program at San Diego State University. I received my bachelors degree in psychology at SDSU. I am committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and supportive for all students. I think that there will always be more to learn and believe that if we consider ourselves as life long learners, that we can instill that experience into our students as well. I am excited to learn more about how to provide a productive classroom environment and effective curriculum that will help provide my students with the best education possible.

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Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:58 AM in How to understand the new NGSS standards
I am also a student teacher at the moment and think this is a great question. I think that teachers can use textbooks as a resource, but should no longer be reading straight from the textbook as their only source of science teaching throughout the classroom. However, I am interested to see what others have to say on the subject.

Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:54 AM in Should we require creativity?
Yes, I agree! Creativity is hard to grade, but I think it can be very beneficial throughout a students education throughout all subject matters!

Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:50 AM in Kindergarten activities
Here are some more ideas: . Another great way to incorporate science into the classroom is to simply have a class plant or pet that they will get to constantly observe! Another idea that a friend did in her classroom was to study the life cycle of a pumpkin throughout the October and thanksgiving months, maybe even grow your own pumpkin!

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Weather and Climate-910C CAT Resources

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o 3-ESS2-1: Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.

Planning for engagement with important science ideas
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Climate for kids
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Formation of groups to survive

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-3-LS2 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics -3-LS2-1. Construct an argument that some animals form groups that help members survive.

Ecosystems- Group Behavior
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Constructing an Argument for Group Behavior
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Adaptations- 3rd grade

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3 Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Life Cycles and Traits 3-LS4-2. Use evidence to construct an explanation for how the variations in characteristics among individuals of the same species may provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing. [Clarification Statement: Examples of cause and effect relationships could be plants that have larger thorns than other plants may be less likely to be eaten by predators; and, animals that have better camouflage coloration than other animals may be more likely to survive and therefore more likely to leave offspring.]

Surviving in our ecosystems
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