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Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:01 PM in Gardening at school with young children
Hi Peggy! As a preservice teacher, I find that hopping into creating a better environment for students allows the teacher and students to be able to grow and take on a new challenge together. This would be a great idea to bring in learning some the NGSS standards about gardening and the way plants grow and the environment that they need to survive. This could let the students become hands-on and ...

Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:43 PM in Guest Speakers in the Middle School Classroom
Hello Anne! I am a preservice teacher at the University of Northern Iowa. I don't have my own classroom yet, but from the research that we are doing in our classes and having almost completed my degree, we have discussed heavily on this topic. Currently, students are being taught a lot of the lecture style of classes with some hands-on learning activities thrown it when possible. Students can ten...

Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:49 PM in Science For Early Childhood
Hi Amanda! I am currently going to the University of Northern Iowa and studying Elementary Education. In my science methods class, we are learning about ways to incorporate science into Early Childhood Education. We were able to explore a classroom that was all science-based learning to get ideas. A few things you could try in your classroom is doing shapes with light, it is about science the stu...

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Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:56 PM
4 Review of Visual Literacy
Overall, this resource has very good ideas that engaged students in higher order thinking skills. This main topic of this article was using visuals as a resource in learning because students learn best when they can see and interact with the tools around them to develop a deeper thinking. This topic that they work in is trying to figure out how and why the diaper works to hold "stuff." The fifth graders giggled but dove into the investigation right away and were able to work with all of the different parts of the diaper and tried creating their own. This was an engaging article and has a lot of useful information.