Diane Johnson

I'm starting my eighth year in a fabulous job as a Regional Teacher Partner for PIMSER at EKU. We are a math and science outreach unit that works with K-12 teachers of science across Kentucky. Through this work, I have been afforded the luxury and necessity of time to really dig into NGSS in order to help teachers with implementation. Currently, I am working with about 25 schools/districts on curriculum, unit, and assessment development, co-facilitating our Academy of Effective Science Teaching and Learning as well as a HS Biology Institute (with the fabulous Tricia Sheldon), and working with about 50 K-8 teachers in western Kentucky on developing robust classroom embedded assessments through an MSP grant directed by the University of Louisville. Additionally, we are co-writing a book of Tools for Implementing the Practices with Harvey Silver at Thoughtful Classroom. Prior to this, I taught high school science (biology, chemistry, physical science, environmental science and astronomy).





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