My long-term goal is to change the face of America by enhancing curiosity; educating and mentoring students to enter STEM related fields. In this way, we can create a diverse population of role models for the next generations to come. For this reason, I joined Bard HS Early College. BHSEC enables students to earn a high school diploma from Newark Public School (NPS) in NJ and a tuition-free Bard College associate’s degree in four years. The demographics of Newark is 52% African American, 26 % White, and 22% other races. Newark’s population predominantly lived below poverty line, making high school students to withdraw from college. Why is this important? STEM careers are of great demand, but there are not enough workers to meet the criterion for these jobs, especially from minority groups. At Bard High School Early College, Newark - NJ, our students are curious, innovators, and with a lot of grit. In Newark - NJ, about 71% of students graduate with a HS degree; however, only 13.7 %




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