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I have been taught high school Chemistry, Chemistry II, Physics, Engineering Principles and various math courses for 18 yrs. Last year I added 8th grade physical science to the list. I am Science club sponsor, a class sponsor, high school scholastic bowl Coach and a mother of 5. I have served on Illinois FB action teams (Education Action team and Leadership Development) and on Illinois NGSS Adoption Committee. I am a 4H leader, VFW Auxiliary member and a dairy farmer's wife.




Casey-Westfield High School

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Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:58 AM in New teacher without text do you create lessons without a book?
Here is one of the best sources I have for chemistry presentations. I went to a conference and they gave me a disc and things got a lot easier... ppts, worksheets, labs, etc included. I take slides from this source or just hide slides as I go. I understand that paid for the materials to be developed through a grant and part of the grant was that it needed to be shared...