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I am a rural school teacher in a one-room schoolhouse teaching in the grades K-8. I am currently the K-5 advisor for the Montana Science Teachers Association and will become the President-Elect in October. I am also an MPRES trainer for the state bringing the Frameworks and NGSS to teachers in our state. I am also a member of the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for our new state science standards, and I am currently writing the science standards/curriculum for the Montana Small Schools Alliance.




Montana Science Teachers Association

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Yesterday, 10:19 PM in Science Notebooking
Hello, Roxanne,   Notebooking is no longer the boring science notebooks I used when I was in school. It was full of vocabulary words and definitions, misconceptions in my drawings, and cookie-cutter experiments. They are produced by the student and guided by the teacher using rubrics etc. I highly recommend that you look at many of the NSTA Press Books on science notebooks. Here are a few o...

Yesterday, 9:58 PM in How to get students excited
Great question, Samantha!   First, when you receive your first teaching position, check where science is first taught to the students in your school. I hope and pray it is kindergarten. We need to continue young children's love for science. I consider them the best scientist! We need to nurture their curiosity. Speak with your administrator about promoting science in the school's kindergart...

Yesterday, 9:36 PM in Teaching Science Only Part of the Year
Jennifer, NSTA's Elementary School Science Position Statement highly recommends 60 minutes of science per day. For my students, as much time as possible spent on science works the best. And, I am slowly working toward making it interdisciplinary. Exposing my students to as much science as possible has enabled them to become better writers, readers, and mathematicians. Their ability to observe,...

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:30 PM
5 A Wonderful guide
This book is a wonderful book to use as a guide to the NGSS particularly the progressions. Whether you are a novice or seasoned NGSS teacher, I recommend purchasing it!