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Hello, My name is Estephany Javier and I am here because I am very passionate about educating young minds and helping them accomplish all of their dreams. As a future educator, I look forward to implementing the best practices to help my students acquire and construct knowledge.




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Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:46 AM in Future Teacher
Hello, I am also a future elementary school teacher and can sympathize with your concerns about not being prepared to teach science. Nonetheless, I feel that preparing children to understand their world better is definitely an inspiring drive to learn the content. I also joined the NSTA site because it was required for my Science class in the COE; but honestly I am so grateful for this opportun...

Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:11 AM in Misconceptions in the Elementary Classroom
If we want to successfully eliminate or clarify children’s misconceptions, we should definitely consider utilizing the basics of Nature of Science. As per research studies, children are only able to eliminate misconceptions or clarify them when they are able to explore a stronger and more valid concept. Therefore, we can help rectify these misconceptions by allowing them to engage in inquiry activ...

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Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:24 AM
5 Great Variety
I definitely agree with the last review; it is obvious that you thought deeply about the resources to include in this collection. I appreciate the fact that you included resources to address a variety of science concerns including safety concerns, relating it to home life, technology (interactive simulation), trade books and information on rocks. Also, I really enjoyed the article about teaching through trade books because I think that it is ever so important to create lessons that target a variety of learning disciplines. Due to the numerous time constraints presented in the classrooms, it is very useful to be able to teach multiple disciple concepts at the same time. Moreover, lessons that target multiple disciplines are also a lot more authentic and help children develop an appreciation for the strategy or idea being learned as they see the usefulness.

Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:30 AM
5 Matter is an Interesting Matter
Hello Lindsey, I would like to share my thoughts about your collection on Matter. I enjoyed the fact that you combined science objects along with articles on pedagogies and insight on children perception of matter. The activities provided in the science objects are very valuable to develop our (teacher) and children understanding of matter as we will be able to experience matter first hand. Moreover, I found the article titled The Early Years: the Matter of Melting, very interesting because it relates the concept of matter to children day to day experiences. I know the activities in that article are intended for the earlier years, but I think that if children have misconceptions about matter at any level; the activities can be adjusted to clarify those misconception. Finally, since this subject matter deal greatly with substances and different chemical reaction, I think a review of the safety contract and rules will be very useful. Thank you for sharing, Estephany Javier

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