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Hello everyone! I am a 7th Grade Life Science teacher at Camden Middle School, GA. I am currently in my 3rd year in the school system after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Biological Science. I am currently working towards obtaining my M.A.T. in Secondary Science Education as well. I have always been passionate about biology and genetics, and look forward to learning more with all of you!




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Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:12 PM in Free online learning games for balancing chemical equations and learning the elements
What an interesting website to help students learn how to balance chemical equations! We're at the point in the year where we prep students for 8th grade physical science, so having exposure to learning how to balance chemical equations would give my students an advantage before walking into their next year's class. This seems like it would keep students interested in learning how to balance chem...

Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:09 PM in Classroom Setup
In the past I've created block groups of 4 facing each other, however that seemed to keep students more interested in gossip rather than the lesson at hand. One setup I like is having a dispersed grid setup similar to the street grid of Barcelona; student's desks are in a spaced group of 4 with larger walkways in between these groups. This seems to make for better traffic flow in the classroom an...

Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:04 PM in Resources for teaching from home
This website looks interesting! I could use this to have an awesome review of our frog dissection and human anatomy comparisons. I also like the access to AR/VR, which could immerse students even more (for those who have the access) in a virtual dissection. I will pass this along to my colleagues!

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