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Hello! I am Tayler Maiers. I am a senior at the University of Northern Iowa with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Literacy. I will be student teaching in the Fall 2018 Semester. After student teaching I hope to either get a job around the Cedar Falls area or somewhere down south on the beach, either way, I hope to teach the lower elementary grades (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade).




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Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:10 AM in Movies?
I think what you have shared here is great information! As a current college student pursuing a degree in education, I often find it difficult to always find other ways to bring science into the classroom, and videos/movies is a easy, fun, but also engaging way to do just that and I never realized that before! I also really like that you have your students fill out worksheets as they are watching,...

Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:38 PM in Incorporating holidays into science lessons
I really like the different ideas that you have shared here. As a student pursuing education, I have never even thought about incorporating the holidays into science, as it is more seen incorporated through literacy. In my science class I am currently in, we have been asked to write an unit plan and my group and I have decided to do something with making cookie dough, and it never even crossed my ...

Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:26 AM in First Day of School Science Activities
This is a great first day activity to do with the students! Especially now since science is not always implemented into the classroom, or if it is, it seems to be very minimal lately. Like you stated, this is a great tool to show the students around the different objects/tools that are used in science instruction and that they might be using in a lesson someday. It allows for the students to also ...

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I had just recently taught a lesson to 3rd graders over the topic of habitats and I just really enjoy learning about the different habitats and think they are so interesting!

Box Up Your Habitat
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