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I am a graduate student at Wright State University.



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Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:38 AM in Motivation Videos
Thanks for posting the different videos! It is nice to know of trustworthy sites to use with the students. I love the kid president videos, they are so engaging for the students!

Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:23 AM in The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
Hi! During the eclipse I was in a school in Ohio. We were planning on looking out the window during the eclipse to see what changes there were outside. Our classroom windows did not face the sun so we felt it would be okay to look outside. However, at the same time we should have been experiencing the eclipse, we had a little rain shower come through and were unable to see any change. Hopef...

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Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:17 AM
5 Safety
This article gives detailed explanations on different accidents that could happen during a lab in a science classroom. It also gives the procedures on how to deal with each accident. The information is very helpful for lab safety in a classroom. Knowing how to take care of accidents will help keep the classroom calm when there is an accident and the student's will not overreact. This article also includes the teachers and students responses when there is an accident. I learned a lot from this article about what steps need to be taken when there is an accident. I would recommend this article to all science teachers to ensure they are aware of how to hand accidents during a lab.

Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:40 AM
5 Safety
Students safety if a very important thing to consider. Loved everything this article had to offer about lab safety in a classroom. Many science classrooms are not set up as a science lab, knowing what needs to be done to ensure the safety of the students it very important. This article does a wonderful job in explaining everything that needs to be done and what steps need to be taken in order to have a safe classroom.