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Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:13 AM in Supporting students who want to learn past the curriculum
Today, there are a lot of apps and websites which make science interesting beyond the curriculum. These are typically meant for self learning and can go beyond the curriculum. * BBC website - * Colorado PhET website and app - * Howstuffworks website - * Mazalearn physics app - http://ww...

Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:55 AM in NGSS Middle School Standards for Physical Science
NGSS middle school syllabus has good support in PHysics Studio ( It has virtual experiments on tablets/smartphones on lines of Colorado University PhET but simplified for middle school.

Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:03 AM in Looking for Physics Resources/Materials-Electromagnetism
hi Kyle, please take a look at "Electromagnetism" within "Physics Studio" app - The app is available for Chromebooks, Android, IOS and on Windows 10 desktops. All the best, sridhar