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Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:16 AM in Field Trips
Hi Rochelle, Field trips are definitely fun and engaging.  I know with everything going on there are a lot of museums that are offering virtual field trips.  One field trip that I would love to do with my students is Epcot in Disney World. Epcot, has a lot of science based activities. In the field trip itself the instructor can give a page of questions to answer while the students are riding t...

Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:09 AM in Parent Involvement
Hi Eulalia, I think it’s very important for parents to be involve with student science activities. Activities range by age. One good activity that can be done will be planting a lima bean. I will be providing a link below https://teachpreschool.org/2011/09/18/planting-and-growing-beans-in-our-preschool-window/ In addition, I will be providing another link https://mommypoppins.com/kids...

Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:53 PM in Fun Inquiry- Based Activity
Hi Erika, I completely agree with you. As teachers we can make science really fun for our students. This article validates that completely. What child doesn’t like ice cream and the fact that they have to make it it’s even more fun. I would definitely like to try this inquiry lesson in the future.  

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Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:36 AM
5 Great Plant collection
I feel that this collection has a lot of informative articles. The collection itself will help teachers teach students on topics like the plant cycle, parts of a plant, and even allowing teachers to understand how children see plants. I enjoyed the article about how humans impact the environment and how students were able to see by just completing an inquiry lesson on plants.

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Weather Vs. Climate

6 Resources

What is the difference between weather and climate? Are they the same? How can we find the difference between the two? After reviewing this collection it is going to be easy to understand and explain to a group of students.

Podcast: An Introduction to Earth's Climate: The Difference between Climate and Weather
Type: Podcast

Cruising the Climate With Spreadsheets
Type: Journal Article

Water Cycle

6 Resources

Students will be able to identify and have knowledge of what the water cycle is and what it does. Attached will be summary articles and assignments.

Round and Round the Water Cycle
Type: Journal Article

Archive: Global Precipitation Measurement Mission: Water Cycle, March, 3 2016
Type: Web Seminar Archive