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Hello everyone! Well, as stated on my profile, my name is Fatima or Tima for short. I'm a senior pursuing my bachelors in Elementary Education. My passion/hobbies consist of the performing arts which include dancing, singing, and acting. Fun fact- I have actually been dancing since the age of two and received my AA in Dance. "Performing arts is where we exhale into a state of vulnerability, comfort, & euphoria". The quote is my own personal saying that sums up how i feel about my "hobby". I plan on working with children primarily in the higher elementary grade levels and am considering even middle school. I'm on a road of self discovery through this higher learning journey and as time goes on, I learn more about what my preferences would be and where I see myself. We'll see where it will take me soon enough though! :-)




Florida International University

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Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:37 PM in How to Get Students to Look At the Night Sky
As they have said previously, planetariums and smart boards would be a really good idea using community resources. Even museums such as the on that they have in Miami. Also, if you have a little extra (and by little, I mean a good amount but it would be an overall good investment) you can have your very own planetarium in the classroom. If you go to a hobby store, some have very equipment that wil...

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Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:27 PM
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After reviewing your collection, I would like to commend you on your approach to implement inquiry in your classroom. Possibly because this approach to teaching in the classroom is fairly new to the majority of us, it is important for us to be well informed on how we are to implement it. One way to begin face this challenge is to find as many available resources that one could. In your collection, I have noticed various approaches to integrating inquiry based learning in scientific studies. Some include elementary level kids and others are for high school. For someone who is not so sure on what grade level to teach like myself, I would find this helpful in preparation for what may come. It is at our disposal and gathering that information into one location to be readily available is essential. Good job.