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Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:04 PM in Science Activities
As a preservice teacher, I have noticed that when doing my field experience hours, sometimes it is difficult for teachers to complete a science activity/lesson because they are so focused in either math or reading.  For future references, would it be ideal to do science activities everyday? I feel like they are so motivating, but also time consuming. How can I manage time? 

Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:57 PM in Integrating Interactive Notebooks
Hello, I think providing interactive science notebooks is not a waste of time. I feel by incorporating it, it would give students a sense of being investigators. I believe as long as it's use for interactive activities rather then just only notes, it would be a powerful tool. The notebook would allow students to go back and check what they have worked on as a refresher.

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Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:22 PM
I chose to review this collection because it has a close relation to my topic on weathering. I believe this would be good to use to work up and introduce students about weathering. This can help students understanding the different types of weathers and then that can help relate to weathering and how it would affect the landforms. The article entitled about “Blogging About the Weather,” is a good way to spark the interest of the students about the weather. I think having the student’s blog about weather fronts, the instruments they use, and cloud classification is a good way to relate it to real like experiences that occur every day. The “Wacky Weather” article I think is a great way to get the students involved in an experiment. It allows for the students to also test their own ideas, which will make it more interesting for them to want to learn. “Fabulous Weather Day” is a good way to review what the students have learned about the weather. This would also be helpful for someone who is teaching about the water cycle and wind and storms. They have four activities that help students explore and extend their thinking. “Precipitation Matters” is good for having students understand why rain or snow is relevant to the world and why it is important. It also has multiple activities that are hands on or virtual for the students to enjoy. Overall, this would be great for students to understand the weather and how it plays a role to the environment. This is a good resource for educators to use to involve students in learning and construct different activities that would help them understand better.

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This collection was chosen because it waswhat my teaching was going to be about. My collection is about weathering and erosion. The articles that were chosen were placed in the collection because they relate to weathering and erosion. The article "The Strongest Mountain" provides an activity that allows students to try and build the strongest mountain. This allows students to see that even the strongest mountain eventually goes through weathering and erosion. The article "This Land is Your Land" is about soil and how it is mistaken as not being a valuable resource and how erosion makes it hard for farmers when the soil is eroded. This article relates to the book chapter in the collection, "Where is Our Soil Going." I placed these in the collection to allow students to see that there are different kinds of erosion thats not just about rocks. I also placed a sci-pack of the Earth's changing surface to allow students to see the connection between weathing and erosion and everything thatit

The Strongest Mountain
Type: Journal Article

This Land is Your Land
Type: Journal Article