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Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:30 AM
At the start, it mentioned that the ELLs need to be provided sentence starters on the board first, such as “I agree with you because…__ (evidence) ____” “I don’t agree with you because… __ (evidence) ___” “What is your evidence that________?”(Miller, E., Lauffer, H. B., & Messina, P 2014, p. 55) We can see that the NGSS provides students with an opportunity to discuss with each other, enabling them to move forward with language-based content goals so that everyone can use causal evidence for scientific reasoning. It also shows the importance of prioritizing evidence. In addition, instead of focusing on isolated facts and vocabulary, the NGSS tend to integrate core scientific ideas and crosscutting concepts with scientific and engineering practices. What’s more, the writer planed more scaffolds to promote whole-class and partner dialogue, especially for ELLs, like practicing by using the pictures and words on the evidence wall and model discussion with words. Overall, the NGSS provides opportunities for ELLs, offering them reliable applications for language learning while advancing their understanding of science.