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Anna has been teaching over 25 years in New York and enjoys learning new things with her students. She has taught primarily elementary students working with teachers and enriching all students in different disciplines. In addition, has taught middle and high school English and graduate education courses on gifted education. She has been a teacher of gifted students as the enrichment specialist in Yorktown Central Schools as well as bringing STEAM and enrichment into the regular classroom. Space, science, Shakespeare and poetry have always been her passions. She looks forward to learning until she's 99.




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Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:09 PM in STEAM lesson suggestions
A fun one to do is the marshmallow challenge. It's a structural one. Look it up. Very simple. Requires spaghetti, but use thicker spaghetti with younger ones, marshmallows, and masking tape. anna fazio enrichment specialist yorktown schools, ny