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Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:43 PM in Animal Habitat Project
I have never personally completed this project but I know it is a common one and works well!You can look up great ideas online (:

Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:36 PM in Weather and Elementary
I completely agree that a possible way to teach your students about the weather would be to incorporate the transition between summer and winter because that is a drastic change. Students love learning about animals and their environments so I definitely think that is a good way to go about it! Good luck

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Interdependence of Life

6 Resources

I found these articles to be very interesting and thought that they were closely related to my scipack: Interdependence of Life. These articles that I chose for my collection dive deeper into the subject and offer various ways to teach the subject.

Science 101: Do plants communicate?
Type: Journal Article

Teaching Through Trade Books: Figuring Out Food Chains
Type: Journal Article


7 Resources

I found these articles to be very interesting and considered them to be vital pieces of information. It is important for teachers to be able to teach to a multitude of different students, including ELL's and students with special needs. With high-stakes testing taking place, less emphasis is being placed on Science and these journal articles offer great suggestions on how to include science in your lesson plans, as well as how to make time for science, in general. I also included a journal article on safety because it is necessary for everyone to be aware of the importance of safety. Everyone should be made aware of the safety rules beforehand. I think everybody can take away a little something from these various articles.

Methods and Strategies: Alternative Assessments for English Language Learners
Type: Journal Article

Methods and Strategies: Science Success for Students With Special Needs
Type: Journal Article