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I am a senior and an Early Childhood Education major at Wright State University. I am 26 years old and have a very supportive and close family. I love music, movies, art, exercise, wine, and other things during my down time.



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Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:50 PM in Motivation
I think that motivating students, especially at elementary school ages, is all about becoming familiar with and tapping into their interests and learning preferences. I think that we, as teachers, often attribute students' lack of interest or refusal to engage the material to a general lack of motivation. I think that a more likely reason for these barriers to learning would be that they are not...

Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:46 PM in Classroom Management During Projects
I think that part of engaging in scientific learning experiences is breaking the bonds of typical classroom characteristics. What I mean by this is that I think that children probably should show a certain (and appropriate) degree of loudness, wildness, and unpredictability when exploring science. Science education in the early grades is all about inquiry-based learning and should be hands on. ...

Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:39 PM in Cell organelles
I completely agree the the overall ideas behind these terms (such as function and processes) are far more important than the specific definitions we attach to them. In the end, what our students will take away is not some definition they memorized, but the reasons we have that specific structure. Don't get lost in specifics. Focus more on the meaning of it all and how it all ties together.

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Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:53 PM
4 Great Reference Piece
This article proved particularly useful in terms of knowing how to introduce complex ideas and concepts to children of a young age. At first pass, children may not have the specific scientific vocabulary required to grasp terms like "evaporation" immediately. This article does a good job of guiding teachers through giving their own introductory lessons (whether relevant to the water cycle or not) which may have higher-level concepts and/or challenging terminology. It stresses the importance of being able to apply the concepts to a child's everyday life by using terms and ideas that they can understand at their current level of vocabulary skills. It also gives some great ideas about vocabulary and science skill-building activities teachers can use to not only teach deeper science concepts, but every day lessons of any content area to boot. I actually read this article before designing a lesson plan to teach an introductory lesson about the water cycle to third graders. Using age-appropriate vocabulary, small group activities, multiple approaches, and real life applications as the article discusses produced great results for my own lesson.

Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:19 PM
4 An Excellent Refresher
After completing this Sci-Pack, I can say with complete confidence that I will be infinitely more confident should I ever have to teach any content related to cells, cell structure, cell cycle, and even the causes of some types of tumors. We see over and over again students of early childhood education asking "when will I ever have to use this?" This is a shame because, even if you aren't teaching your kindergartners about cell division, they may ask you more baseline knowledge-based questions like "what makes this plant grow?" To answer these types of scientific questions, which seem simple on the surface but stem from a much deeper region of science, we must appropriately respond using our deeper understanding of the related concepts. This Sci-Pack did a fantastic job of refreshing my prior knowledge on the subject and even adding some real-life application.After completing this, I am more than ready to answer questions related to this content area.

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The Water Cyce

6 Resources

Resources to use for a unit on The Water Cycle for Elementary-age students. Some of which we used for our lesson plan used to teach a water cycle lesson at Horace Mann on 9/26/2016.

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Podcast: NGSS Core Ideas: Earth’s Systems: The Water Cycle
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