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I teach preK in a Reggio-inspired preschool in northern Nevada. My undergraduate background is Archeology and Geology; my Master's is in Early Childhood Education. I am also a National Geographic Certified Educator




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Fri May 03, 2019 9:22 AM in Teaching First Grade About the Weather
My students love this - we even followed the naming conventions used by the TV/Radio stations and created our own Call Letters.  We also report the weather in the home languages of students in the class; I've learned a lot of new words that way!   Many local TV meteorologists  will visit classrooms if you can't take field trips to the station.   Love the graphing idea!  Have you had a chance to t...

Fri May 03, 2019 9:17 AM in Science Trips
Similar to many classes, mine has challenges with off-site trips.  However, Microsoft in the Classroom offers some great interactive Skype sessions.  Wyoming State Museum was very interactive and educational; my students still discuss what they learned! Anne

Wed May 01, 2019 9:32 AM in Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Leslie, you are so right! Gabe, thank you fior those great ideas.  An additional way I have used in my preschool class is taking same sized containers (clear if possible, but still works if opaque), and then using different sized dried beans (lentils, chickpeas, and pintos work well) fill each container with the same amount.  The class should not only see that the same amount fills to differen...

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