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I teach preK in a Reggio-inspired preschool in northern Nevada. My undergraduate background is Archeology and Geology; my Master's is in Early Childhood Education. I am also a National Geographic Certified Educator




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Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:41 AM in Gardening at school with young children
Now is one of the best times to start planning your spring garden, either a brand new garden or continuing a school garden.  If you can, collecting and saving seeds from this year's plants is greta start.  Your local cooperative extension or are good resources   You also have time to look at the health of your soil.  (for soil vs dirt, think of weed vs plant.  a weed is just ...

Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:15 AM in Moon Phases
I would start by learning about the cultures in your class.  Many students use multiple calendars, the Gregorian for school/ work and a lunar calendar at home.   Students with that background have a different understanding of moon phases, and having observed the patterns so often, usually only need a little hands on with the how.

Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:09 AM in Kindergarten Lesson About the Four Seasons
One caveat as I read through these posts....seasons do not look the same in all parts of the country, which is a wonderful exploration itself.  Most people use snow as a symbol for winter; I was five before I ever saw snow I would recommend that you slow this lesson down and extend it into other areas.  What knowledge do the chidlren already have of summer?  of the other seasons?  How do they ...

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