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Hello! I teach Biology, AP Biology, Earth & Space Science, Astronomy, and Oceanography. I've been teaching now for 27 years. I am very active with the Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association, currently as their past president. My profile pic is from my flight on SOFIA as one of the first two Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors. This is an amazing airborne infrared telescope.




Chippewa Hills High School

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Yesterday, 10:50 AM in 2018 Summer Astronomy Institute for Teachers
Registration is Open!   The ASP's Teacher Learning Center (TLC) is conducting its annual Summer Astronomy Institute: Space Science and the NGSS! This summer, from July 30 through August 2, classroom teachers will actively engage in professional development presenting astronomy content which easily translates into classroom instruction.  Interested educators can apply for scholarships ...

Mon May 21, 2018 11:28 AM in Wanderers video
A recent APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) fetaures a short video narrated by Carl Sagan exploring the spirit of exploration in the human psyche - and lots of cool NASA solar system imagery.   Enjoy!

Sat May 19, 2018 11:28 AM in Volcanoes lessons
Anyone wanting to follow the eruptions on Hawaii, the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) website is an excellent resource for accurate information that has not been distorted by media reports. National Geographic's website has an article explaining some of the misconceptions that have spread through the media about the eruptions of Kilauea. ...

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Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:18 PM
5 Forensic Science Collection
We are in the process of designing a Forensic Science elective course in our department. We want to make it fun, engaging, and meaningful for our students. The activities in this collection will provide me with the tools I need to bring the department together as we explore our options. The Career of the Month and Careers in Science features will help our students see forensic science as a possible career path for themselves. There are also several useful labs included. I really like the one called Forensic Science Demonstration via Hawaii Five-O. The soil analysis they use there could also be extended to my Astronomy class when we talk about how rovers like Curiosity test for the presence of organics in the soil on Mars.

Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:51 PM
5 Heredity and Variation SciPack Review
This SciPack did an excellent job of challenging my current understanding of genetics and heredity. I teach Biology and thought that it would not require much thought. I was wrong. I would recommend this resource to anyone who would like either an in-depth refresher of modern genetics, or a deeper look at something they have a more limited background on.

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Climate Change

22 Resources

These will be used with my Oceanography students for a unit on climate change. They will also be shared with others who are looking for resources to teach about climate change.

Case Study: Ah-choo! Increased Risk of Pollen Allergies in the Northern Hemisphere
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Science Sampler: Global Warming Project
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9 Resources

A collection I plan on using with my Astronomy I students in the spring.

Asteroid Zoo
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Rosetta mission website
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