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I am a middle grades science teacher at Southwest Middle School in Orange County, FL. I currently teach physical science. Next year, I anticipate teaching a comprehensive science course. I love to teach middle school students and I establish a rigorous classroom experience known to be a culture of success. Students who adopt my procedures for managing their own learning will be forever changed for the better because these students will know how to find answers to questions for themselves and become lifelong learners.



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Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:21 PM in Natural Resources Lesson Help (Student Teacher)
I've had great luck with Nearpod lessons, especially those that are built around the 5E lesson model.  Keep in mind that preassessment doesn't have to be a formal assessment or quiz.  Even asking them to draw an image that shares their knowledge or indicating agreement or disagreement with a number of common misconceptions can be a useful preassessment.

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