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Multiple subject teaching credential student at San Diego State University. I am currently student-teaching at Carson Elementary in a 2nd grade class.




San Diego State University Credential Candidate

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Fri May 01, 2015 12:06 AM in How often do you teach science?
I am a student teacher in San Diego, and at my current school we teach science or social studies on Wednesdays. We usually choose to teach science, so that turns out to be about 1 hour per week for science instruction. If it were up to me, however, it would be more often. :)

Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:59 PM in Do You Reflect?
I think reflection is necessary as well. I find that I do reflect, but I don't normally write the reflections down. I believe this would be a wonderful next step. I think it is important for students to reflect on what they have learned as well. When they talk about their learning or think through it, I believe it helps them better understand it. Thank you for your post!

Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:52 PM in Start Subbing...Tips?
Those are some fantastic resources! Thank you for sharing!

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Where is water found?

10 Resources

2-ESS2-3 NGSS Standard resources - Where is water found and in what different states (solid, liquid)? This is a collection of resources for teachers to use to satisfy NGSS 2-ESS2-3. It consists of background/learning information for the teacher (webinars and science objects). These resources will prepare the teacher to teach about water by gaining a deeper understanding of it themselves. Additionally, it includes some book chapters and journal articles that will provide some information and activities for teaching including a couple trade book ideas to teach from. Finally the collection concludes with a possible formative assessment to use as a pre-assessment or during-unit check-in.

The Home Zone: Water for Life
Type: Journal Article

Teaching Through Trade Books: Water Wherever
Type: Journal Article

RI.2.1 - Informational Text - Science - Grade 2

I intend these resources to be used to meet the informational text CCSS for 2nd grade.