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My name is Brooke Tatz. I am a third year student at the University of Northern Iowa. I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education and a Specialization in Science.




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Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:47 AM in Need More Time for Science!!!!!
Unfortunately, I believe many educators are facing the same issue of having limited time to teach science and social studies. I totally agree that the solution is "incorporating more science" or integration. Since such a significant amount of time is being dedicated to reading and math, try to include science content into these subject areas whenever possible. Another suggestion is to teach some i...

Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:15 AM in 3D Printing in schools
Thank you for sharing this! I also know very little about 3-D printing. I know I have one available to me on campus (I am a preservice teacher) but I have been too scared to try it out! After reading this article, I am beginning to think that I should familiarize myself with ways to use a 3-printer because it might not be long before we see them in our elementary schools.

Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:12 AM in A YouTube Channel for K-8 Science Education
This is such a great resource! Thank you for sharing. I am a pre-service teacher and I know I will benefit greatly from my subscription to this account. The videos are very engaging and I appreciate how they are organized by topic. I especially liked the videos presenting different habitats. Thanks again!