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My name is Kelsey Sutherland and I am currently a teacher candidate and student at McKendree University studying to receive a bachelor's of science in elementary and special education. As a future teacher, it is my goal to incorporate science in my everyday curriculum, regardless of what the state requires. I believe science can be a fun subject that can draw students into enjoying school and ultimately lead them to be well-rounded students and citizens.



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Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:14 PM
4 Electric and Magnetic Forces Review \
This resource/article is an easy and helpful source for my future classroom. I chose this to read because it reminded me of what we did in our first day of Science Methods this semester. I saw a lot of scaffolding through the content, just like any other typical article where they give a rough overview in the introduction and then each paragraph and section. I liked how it related some of the specific examples of the topic to things students would be interested in. The article both tied things in that the students are interested in and more serious topics like "Pedagogical Implications."