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Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:02 PM in STEM programs
As a new teacher, I would like to know the best way to implement a STEM program if your school does not already have a program in place. What are some resources to use when implementing a STEM program and is there a certain method to use when implementing it? How could you propose a school-wide STEM program if your school does not already have one? STEM is a fairly new concept for me, and I hav...

Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:57 PM in Multiple Entry Points to a Standard
Hello! I'm just wondering as a new teacher how you would know where the best place to enter a standard when teaching it to your class. Is there a certain way to tell where the best entry point to the content is? Currently I am teaching a first grade standard about natural and man-made materials. I know I could enter the content from different places, but I was wondering if there was a certain ...

Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:54 PM in Gathering Science Materials
As a new teacher, does anyone have tips on where to gather science materials especially if your school is not able to provide materials or funding for science materials? Obviously some things can be collected by saving objects here and there, but as far as other science tools i.e. hand lens, graduated cylinders, magnets, etc. Does anyone have any good resources or places they go to get these mat...