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Welcome to my profile! My name is Allison and I am a senior at Central Michigan University. I study elementary education with hopes of becoming a middle school teacher. I hope to work my way from there by earning a masters degree, followed by a doctorate. I love all types of science and I hope my students will too someday!



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Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:52 AM in Future Teacher
Hello online advisor!  I am a Central Michigan student who is learning to use the E-text and has been assigned to ask what you, as an online advisor, can do for me, a pre-service teacher, using the resources available through the NSTA.  Thank you in advance for your response and I look forward to hearing from you, Allison VanDeventer

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Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:55 AM
4 Sheltered Instruction
This article will be a very valuable resource for first year science teachers. I have never heard of the term "sheltered instruction" but this article clearly demonstrates how to help ELL students using this method. The four most important elements of sheltered instruction include: group work, wait time, group-response technique, and supplemental materials. This article provides great information for science teachers with ELL students in their classroom.

Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:44 AM
5 Animals in classroom
As a future teacher, I am all for having animals in the classroom, but there are also many issues that come along with that responsibilities. Class pets can be a distraction, parents can have concerns about the animal, the animal could die, the animal could be carrying diseases, and who is going to look after it during breaks? This article gives a lot of great advice and information to think about before deciding if an animal should be brought into the classroom. This was a great article to read as a pre-service teacher.

Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:36 AM
4 Not for this
This article explains how students use technology to create experiments in order to save space and resources that would be used in a traditional science fair. Although, I believe that students could create really great things with their virtual experiments, I do not believe an online science fair should replace the traditional type. There are a lot of benefits to incorporating technology into a classroom, but that cannot replace what students gain from doing hands-on experiments. Maybe a school could host both types of science fairs at different times of the year.

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