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I have been working in the educational arena for about 16 years. After I earned my MS in educational counseling I began to work with students at the high school level. I found that my heart was in the classroom and during my time as a counselor I worked heavily with the population of students with disabilities. I truly enjoyed working at that level and went back to the university to earn my mild/moderate teaching credential. I have since then completed the VPSS in all areas of middle school science as well as my Autism Spectrum Specialist Certification and my certification to teach in the gifted classroom. My heart lies in teaching science and I take every course and seminar possible to help me bring more ideas to help my students learn in my classroom.

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Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:22 PM in Formative assessments
I really like to return to the basic no technology whiteboards. Each student has a whiteboard, marker, and eraser. As they write their thoughts, answers, etc. I call out 3,2,1 lift your boards. This proves to be a safe way for each student to participate since I'm the only one who can read the whiteboard. It also allows me to assess where we stand as a class on the concept at hand.

Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:48 PM in Service in science
When reading Engineering Essentials For Stem Instruction  by Pamela Truesdell, I noted that service projects could be developed with some of the concepts. I am searching for other service ideas to add to my growing toolbox to use with 6-8th grade science classes.