Mohamed A. Bereteh

Instructor and Teacher. An Environmental Scientist and College Instructor in Natural Resources at San Joaquin Community Delta College in situ 2005. I also teach High School Science in the Stockton Unified School District.





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Thu Apr 23, 2020 5:02 AM in Keeping science lab notebooks
Thanks for updating me with classroom experience and the impact it creates on student learning.Sincerely,Mo-Alister Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:41 AM in When you leave your students in the hands of a substitute teacher, what advice do you have? What are your "pet peeves?" What do you appreciate the most as a professional?
In my opinion, monitoring students without the presence of a teacher can pose a greater challenge. However, if the outcome of the goal you have set for the students works well, then it means the work load is less, and that technology makes it even more difficult to create jobs for any substitute. It may be a source of another pink slip dilemma for teachers, as I see it. I think projects are design...

Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:54 PM in STEM Education
I have realized that there are so many evolving systems in the academic field today as technology advances. The AVID program which I have been teaching in the Early College Academy where students are encouraged to undertake tutorials is a very effective way of improving students learning in the core subjects. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are among some the subjects students ar...