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I am Andrea Villalobos. I love to work with special kids. My goal is to succeed and make a positive impact in my students life's.




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Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:50 AM in Kindergarten activities
Hi, I really found this post super interesting. I was able to see some activities of the web sites that you provide. They have really good resources. I love the way that you mentioned how to incorporate hands-on activities with themes especially the frozen theme to work with weather. Another hands-on activities that I really like for kindergarten is developing activities with the nature environmen...

Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:06 AM in Developing Authority as a Student Teacher
Hi, I agree with you, consistency is KEY. I have experience the same, so what I try to do is be consistent with my expectations and my rules. What I suggest is have your classroom rules and expectation in place of the classroom where all students are able to see them, you can even incorporate your students ins process of elaborating the classroom rules, if you incorporate them they would probably ...

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Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:00 PM
5 collection revie sce4310
I really like this recycling collection. I think recycling is an important lesson for our elementary students. I t is important to give them value of trees, atmosphere and paper waste. I loved the idea of how articles of the collection provide ideas to teachers on how to incorporate recycling in her lessons and establish the culture “going green” to their students. Another article of the collection talks about how some schools implemented the recycling program. They provide comprehensive overview of outside recycling programs and help to raise students’ awareness of the environmental impacts. One of the articles of the collection named “materials repurposed” is one of my favorite ones. The author explains on the article how to find the purpose and function of any piece of equipment. They talk about recyclable items that the author has adapted for use in his classroom. They encourage their fellow teachers to visit their local recycling centers to see what types of reusable science teaching treasures they may find. Overall I think is a complete collection where you can find many articles related with recycling. Teachers can get many ideas on how to incorporate it during lesson plans inside and outside students’ classroom. Also, I like the idea that the articles provide many effective strategies that have proven to be effective in elementary.

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outdoor activities SCE4310

8 Resources

The following collection have eight articles related with nature activities implemented in schools outdoor spaces. They will show the importance and effects of incorporating environmental lessons outside classrooms. It includes many examples of lessons that can be implemented outside classroom and the process of inquiry lessons.

Nature in the City: Outdoor projects for urban schools
Type: Journal Article

Backyard Biodiversity
Type: Journal Article