Yookyung Chung

I am a student resident working at a high-need urban school in Virginia. I am looking forward to becoming a biology teacher who helps students to think about their thinking in science. My most interests are in genetics and cellular and molecular biology. I believe that all students can learn, but in different environments.




Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR)

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Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:38 AM in Classification - Curriculum Topic Study
I would like to share my curriculum topic study on classification.  

Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:48 AM in Interactive Notebook
I am a student intern at one of high-need urban high schools. I have seen middle school teachers using interactive notebook with their students. I am wondering if you guys ever used interactive notebook with high school students. I wonder if this is too young for them. Also, are there any free web resources that have interactive notebook template or any biology interactive notebook examples? A...

Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:13 PM in Animals in the classroom?
I am a student intern working at school now. When I become a teacher of record, I would like to set up a small aquaponics system in my classroom. I would need aquarium, gravels, plants, water pumps, etc. I am thinking about using Glofish that are genetically engineered, solar powered pump, and stations where students can measure pH level, Nitrate, Nitrate, Ammonia, and oxygen levels. This wil...

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Tried and True: Investigating ecosystems in a biobottle
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Tried and True: Disrupted food webs—Exploring the relationship between overfishing and dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay
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Interdependence of Life: Species Relationships
Type: Science Object

Decline in Saltwater Fish Populations (Ecology and Human Impact on the Environment)
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