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Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:05 PM in New Teacher and STEM
I like to think about STEM as a way to enrich my lessons, not as a separate lesson.  Throughout my lesson’s children are encouraged to work together to experiment with what they are learning.  This has been made easy for me by using a 5E lesson model.  Throughout this model they are encouraged to look at ideas from a different perspective, explore their new ideas, and elaborate and expand.

Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:55 PM in Keeping curiosity in space!
Hi friends!  I am currently student teaching in a kindergarten classroom in Houston.  I have been overwhelmed with excitement to find that many of the girls in my class are showing a lot of interest in space.  In kindergarten we do not focus to much on space but they are constantly asking intelligent questions!  I don’t want them to loose their curiosity for learning so I thought I would ask for ...