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I am an undergraduate students at the Florida International University in Miami. I am currently a junior. I will be receiving my BS in Elementary Education with ESOL endorsements. Science is not really my strong suit but I am hoping that this will help me become more knowledgeable about certain subjects.



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Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:03 PM in Classroom Management
Hilary, I think if you have your students set up in groups that it will be easier for you and then the students won’t have to be moving around all the time. With this set up, the students are already to be set up in groups and will be able to work and collaborate while sitting in their seats. The only issue could be the volume of talking in the classroom. If it gets to loud you can have the stu...

Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:17 PM in 5E Lesson Plans
Hi Emily! 5E lessons are the best ways to get students more engaged in the lesson and give them a chance to get out of their seats and move around. The students can learn how make up investigations and come up with questions to make up better ways to go through the experiment. Hands-on experiments and activities help the students grasp what is being taught more than just reading a textbook and...

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Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:12 PM
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Students who are young have a very inquisitive mind. They are very curious about how the world works and what makes it do the things that they do. Teachers need to give these students a chance to explore what science means and why the way the world works like it does. Teachers should also take into consideration the students’ knowledge about what science means and build on that. When testing younger students, it is easier for teachers to do a hands-on activity so they can have a better understanding of what the teacher is teaching. The students will be able to grasp the concept that they are learning. They will be able to show the teacher of their understanding as well. Also, books are helpful for younger students because they can see pictures and put the connection between the words and the pictures and then be able to put what they just learned into practice.

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Web of Life

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Students will be learning about the Web of Life and what the different categories of a food chain is and how they all affect one another.

Formative Assessment Probes: Does It Have a Life Cycle?
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Web of Life Connections; Learning about the interdependence of life
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