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I am a 1st grade teacher in White County and I absolutely LOVE 1st grade. We sit in the floor, cut, glue, dance, and learn all at the same time. We have so many light bulb moments that make my teacher heart happy! Although there are tough days, I still throughly enjoy my job. Education runs deep in my family, both sister in laws are teachers, my aunt is a teacher, my mom is a retired teacher and then there's me. I said I would never do it, but God works in mysterious ways. I hope He can use me and mold me into a great influential teacher in the lives of many children!

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Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:19 PM in Small Science Window
Hey! I am a first grade teacher in Middle TN. In my district we have a very small window for sciecne. I would like to incorporate it more into my classroom instead of just through our curriculum. What are some "do's and don't's" and maybe some quick, fun, but engaging experiments I could do with some of my first graders? Thanks!

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Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:34 PM
4 Earth, Moon, and Stars
I liked this SciPack, however for an elementary major the content seemed a bit extensive. I enjoyed seeing all the images that went along with this SciPack and learning new information. It's amazing to see how everything in our solar system has to work in order for things to just fall into place. This SciPack really sparked my interest because of the Solar Eclipse that happened a few years ago. I was in such awe of what happened with that, that this SciPack stood out to me. However like I said the content was a bit extensive and kind of hard to follow but overall lots of great information.

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