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7th grade math and science educator at a military school in Hawai'i! I am looking into using NGSS skills and phenomena to connect my students more to have a sense of place. I teach at a military school, so my students struggle with feeling as though they can call Hawai'i home (even if it's only for 2 years or so). It is very important for us as math and science educators to refine our instruction to best fit the needs of our students. I am hoping to use a lot of NSTA resources to make my curriculum accessible to students of all different ages and backgrounds.

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Here are resources meant for 7th grade science under the SEP of designing solutions. We focused mainly on four topics for this unit: 1. Sustainable Farming 2. Renewable Energy 3. Fisheries 4. Coral Reefs I have provided selected resources from the unit that we found to be the most effective in teaching desinging solutions. Thank you and enjoy!

Designing Solutions ~ Student Versions (Chapter 5).pdf
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Designing Solutions ~ Teacher Version (Chapter 5).pdf
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