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I am a fifth grade teacher who loves learning science with my students! This is my 25th year and I am still having fun and learning new ways to interact with my students in science and math.



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Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:38 PM in Solar System Lesson Plan
When I consider a replica of the solar system with my fifth graders I immediately think of relative distances between planets. Usually by fifth grade they have made the traditional models with the planets in perfect orbits right next to each other. This, however, is a big misconception. There are multiple activities available, from using toilet paper to measurements outside to model the distanc...

Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:23 PM in Incorporating holidays into science lessons
This is a really neat idea. Thank you for sharing it!

Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:20 PM in Classroom Management
I got this idea from a friend and master science teacher: she had a chair in her classroom labeled Pluto. When a student could not participate in an activity due to behavior, he or she was sent to Pluto. As we know, at best it is far far out in the coldest regions of the solar system. At worst it is now a minor planet. I find that my students police themselves well. People causing disrupti...

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