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I teach earth & space science at Washington Middle School in Honolulu, Hawaii.




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Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:19 AM in Engineering Through Models Recap
Hi, I am looking for ideas to introduce and teach my students how to do the science projects using scientific method properly as our school started to participate in the science fair project last year and many of my students have little experience on this field. I am planning to implement the scientific method lesson using wind turbines and solar panels as many of them show their interested in t...

Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:55 AM in Creative chemistry projects
Hi, I am a middle school science teacher and interested in finding the ideas from which I can learn and guide my students for science fair project. We officially started to participate in the science fair project from last year and spent a lot of class hours to support their project. Many of my students are interested in doing investigative project involving chemistry concepts. I am hoping t...

Wed May 02, 2012 2:33 AM in Earth Science: Rocks and Minerals
Hi Kelly, It was a nice idea to take the Rocks SciPack. I recently finished completing it and had a chance to organize the content knowledge. Especially, I had many good idea to present the contents through hands-on activities. The impacts that I had through learning the Rock SciPack is importance of learning about the rock characteristics and cycle as we are able to see already extincted facts i...

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Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:24 PM
5 Gravity and Orbits SciGude Review
This ScieGuide provides me ideas through actual practiced lesson plans, which I could teach the students on the topic of gravity and orbit. This is particularly useful for the teachers who are not familiarized with the content areas on the topic or those who know the contents, but want to have more variation of lesson on the topic. The actual student work samples attached to the lesson plan help me predict what the student work would be like. One of the strength of the lesson packet is that it comes along with the web-based resources, which the student can reach and utilize without any teacher’s assistance so they can continue to work outside the classroom. Particularly, I like the web-based resources using animations, simulations, and video clips, which attract the visual learners more. I was looking for any relevant lessons on “Tracking the Moon” project to relate the moon phase and orbit with other planet orbits around the Sun and integration of math as well. After the students learn how fast the moon orbits the earth in the project, I implemented one lesson, “Orbit” from this SciGuide, as I want to relate the moon’s orbit with other solar planets orbiting velocity and gravitational influence of the courses of planets. It can be a collaboration lesson with math contents as it involves velocity and exponents in scientific notation. As for the suggestion for improvement in this SciGuide, I expect more collection of various types of lesson plans on the topic and look for the integration of science and other core subject lesson to meet the common core standards in the future.

Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:28 PM
5 Living in the Weather SciGuide Review
All the selected themes are very impressive to me as the points of those focus on how we can get benefited from learning weather and climate. The lessons provided in this SciGuide emphasize on practical knowledge and uses of weather prediction and protection from sever weather, choosing the optimal lifestyle adopting to the specific climatic environment. I have implemented two lessons for the weather and climate chapter in earth science class. The lesson “Which Location Is Best for Me” have the students explore various types of climates and associated environmental condition and make them aware of various lifestyles corresponding to various climatic conditions. This is particularly beneficial for those have lived in only one climate region and not experienced any other lifestyles from the climates. It is a good lesson plan for the students living in Hawaii as many of them have few experiences of various climate changes in the year. I would like to make one suggestion to this lesson plan that it does not include all fifty states information and data, excluding Hawaii. I needed to modify the lesson as to include Hawaii’s climate information to compare any other climate regions. It was very practical lesson plan overall for the students in Hawaii to explore the various climates. This SciGuide emphasizes the importance of study of weather and climate as they impact on human daily life and environment. It covers three major themes of learning weather and climate: predicting the weather, interrelation of weather and climate, and influence of weather and climate.