Stephanie Wotton

Hi! My name is Stephanie Wotton and I am a high school Science and Mathematics teacher from Adelaide, Australia. I have been teaching Middle and Senior years Science and Mathematics for 5 years, but my passion lies in the Middle Years. Originally when I finished my schooling I wanted to become a scientist and got a Bachelor of Science from Flinders University. At the end of my degree I felt as though I could do more to share my love of science and my love of learning. This is when I attended UniSA and completed a Masters of Teaching. Five years on, getting my teaching degree was the best decision I could have made. The school I work in can be challenging. Many of the students that I teach come form a low socio-economic area and disadvantaged backgrounds. Sometimes it is hard for them to be inspired to learn - especially in Science and Math! It is my goal, through programs like this, to continually develop my practice so that I am able to engage and inspire my students and create a p