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Just a passionate woman who loves to work with kids and the sped community. I enjoy music, the Catholic religion, my family and friends, and am so ready to graduate college after .....too many years.



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Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:11 PM in Keeping students paying attention and on-task
Hello Connor, This is a struggle for all teachers.  My name is Kristine Pasker and I am a senior at UNI studying elementary education and in a sciency inquiry program.  My minor is special education, so I have some insight on behavior such as this that will hopefully help.  Like I said, the struggle is real.  Some things that might help include: make the class, lesson, activity engaging.  Step...

Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:05 PM in Sensory Issues
Hello Bethany, My name is Kristine Pasker and I am a senior at UNI finishing my degree in Elementary education and my minor in Special Education Strat I.  Sensory is a huge thing to take into account when doing anything.  First and foremost, make sure you know the sensory needs of your students.  You cannot accommodate if you don't know what to accommodate.  Second, I would just make sure what...

Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:35 PM in Classroom Management During Activites
Hello, my name is Kristine and I am a student in my last year at the University of Northern Iowa.  First and foremost, make sure you have clear, set, expectations for your students.  Let your students know what you expect of them.  How to handle materials, what voice level you want them at, and anything else you expect of them BEFORE you start your lesson.  Reassure them that you want to have fun...