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This is my 27th year of teaching. I have taught 2nd and 6th grade. This is my 22 year of teaching 4th grade.


Kamiah Elementary School

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Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:14 PM in Informal Science In the Classroom?
I am a 4th grade teacher. I have also taught 2nd grade. I often have science labs (mostly demonstrations, but sometimes activities that the students must do themselves). With these lessons the students are required to do some sort of worksheet/lab paper/reflection, etc. and hand it in. Sometimes I have them do independent activities one or two at a time. One example would be 2 different types of s...

Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:03 PM in Second grade help!!
Could you use a raw egg and drop it onto several different substances such as cotton balls, etc. That way the kids can try to figure out why the egg breaks/doesn't when "cushioned by the different materials. Are the students supposed to come up with the ideas for materials to make the helmets? What would be the properties/characteristics of a good helmet? Just a thought.

Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:52 PM in Solar energy
I have an opportunity to participate in a Solar4Schools grant. However, my teaching partner and I are trying to think of a project for this grant. It needs to be geared for 4th to 8th grade students. Suggestions to spark an idea would be helpful.

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Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:55 PM
4 Learning About Atoms
I selected the resource "Atomic Structure:Properties of Atoms" because it has been decades since I have taken chemistry in high school. At first the text seemed very simple. I thought that the information was something that my 4th grade students could read and understand. Soon the information got more in depth and complex. It was helpful for me to play the audio portions and then read the text. It also helped me to take notes. I learned a good deal about atoms from this lesson. I had some success and was challenged also. The information was not to far over my head as to lead to confusion and frustration. It was also difficult enough that I learned something new that I can now explain atoms and how they work to my students.